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need advice on cleaning a/c unit in my condo

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Condo purchased 2-years ago.

A/C unit from 80's.

Unit blows fine, but there is NO cold air.

I cleaned the coils. Still blowing, but no cold air.

I used AC Flow Evaporator Coil Cleaner. It blows fine, the coils frost, but it is not blowing cold air. The coils are icing up in the air handler.

"To clean the coils, use an antimicrobial solution. When the solution turns the coils white, thoroughly rinse them with a garden hose. Follow the same procedure to clean the fan system (squirrel cage)"

I need to remove the squirrel cage. Is that difficult? Where would it be? I'm trying to find info on the DIY website.

If by chance I need Freon, how would I proceed with that-is that difficult to replace?
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