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I plan to build a hearth pad for a wood stove and need advice. What I plan is a 5' wide x 4" deep hearth pad in a location which now has wall - to - wall carpet. I want to cut the carpet out and place 1/4" Hardie Backer, and tile with 12" porcelain tile. I'm trying to get the pad as flush with the carpet as possible because it will be in an area with some foot traffic. It will be against a wall. The stove only requires ember protection, no R value.

I have several questions:
1. Is this a good plan at all or would you advise a different approach?
2. How can I keep the carpet from pulling back assuming it's stretched?
3. Best way to trim around the pad?
4. How to attach the backer board to the floor?
5. What kind of thinset to use?

I can usually get stuff done once I know how to start, but I know nothing about flooring.

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