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Need advice for filling in bare spots in new lawn

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I regraded parts of my backyard to almost the point where I raised it up 6 inches near the house and graded it back toward the sides of the yard. I planted John Deere Fescue back in the beggining of march, but some area have not come in. The areas that have not come in look like they are turn to hard pan that will not grow anything. What can I put down so that it fills in these bare spots for the summer? Should I just put more john deere seed down or try something new? Should I rake up the soil a little too? I just want some help to get these area filled in....Thanks in advance!
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you need to loosen up these areas with a pick or pitch fork first to a depth of 6". Then add composted manure and mix with the dirt (50%). Add some starter fertilizer, wait a few days. Then add the same seed as the rest of the lawn and cover with shredded hay. Water lightly twice a day for the first two weeks. Water twice a week heavy to allow the water to seep in and let the grass roots get deeper
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