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Hi all,

First post :thumbup:!!

Anyways, I live in the country and have an old farm house with 70A service. I am going to upgrade to 200A service and am currently in the planning phase. I have an electrician friend that is going to help me, but is currently out of the country till this summer. So, I thought I'd get most of the planning out of the way while he's gone and educate myself in the process:).

So, to start things out.... I have my house, a detached garage/shop, and would like the ability to add some outdoor cirtuits in future (ie yard light, maybe a pond pump, maybe christmas lights, etc...). I'm currently not blowing any circuits and my load calculations indicate that I'm probably just under 70A usage right now, at the max. But, I'd still like to build out.

With this being said, I figure I'll put a pole mount combination meter base. I'd like to have a 200A main disconnect which would feed two 200A breakers (one for the house, one for the shop), and the ability to add some other outdoor circuits down the road. I'll be re-running new/upgraded feeders for the house and the shop to support this additional amperage.

But, I cannot find combination meter base (I have no preference if the meter is separate) that will support the main 200A disconnect with the two 200A sub-breakers. Why is this and what am I missing?

I know the response I'll probably recieve is that I wouldn't be able to fully utilize the 200A in both the house and shop at the same time, and I recognize this. But I also don't want to limit myself and the main 200A disconnect should protect me anyway. I also know a response may be, "What in the heck would you need 200A in the shop for?" And again, I'd rather over build than under build. In the shop I have welders, plasma cutters, iron workers, etc. Also, I feed four grain bin dryers from it as well.

So, help me out. Can you suggest a product or, am I missing the boat here?

Thanks a million.

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You won't find what you are looking for as most 200A panels have limit on the size breaker you can install (usually 125A).

You should look instead at using a 400A (320) meter base that feeds two 200A disconnects, or a 200A meter combo with feed through lugs that feeds the house on a 100 or 125A breaker and the shop on the feed through.
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