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Need a texture tool recommendation

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I have a texture hopper that has a bucket for holding the mixture and it has a valve to open the air to the compressor, but it is very hard to get consistent results.. It has a dial to set the aperture and a handle to release the texture, however I’m not happy with how much fiddling I have to do to get it to get the texture I want. I have a 1990s home with orange peel on the walls and ceiling and I want to match it as perfect as possible.. Does anyone have a recommendation for a texture tool that they really like? Or maybe even just one that doesn’t empty the air compressor in 60 seconds after you open the valve... With a more consistent air setting than just a ball valve..
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Without more details, it sounds like you don't have a big enough compressor for the job.
I have a Goldblatt hopper gun I bought used 35 yrs ago that up until this last time has always worked great - I probably need to rebuild it.

The main thing is to consistently mix your texture the same. If the texture is thinner/thicker it won't give the same result.

What is this valve you are referring too? mine just has a trigger and doesn't require a lot of cfm. maybe post a link to the unit you have
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