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I am looking to replace my inverter and want to ask what are the better, most efficient brands. My usage is pretty minimal. I need to run 2 - 3 CFLs of 14 Watts each and a small 13" digital TV off antenna for about 2 - 3 hours in the evenings at camp. I use a battery pack coupled to a solar charger and have enough power but the more I read about inverters the more choices I am finding and it's becoming confusing.
Right now I'm using a Radio Shack 350 Watt modified wave and it's done it's job well for 3 - 4 years but the fan is cracked and it is probably not worth replacing. Given my wattage needs I am wondering if my inverter is too large and running inefficiently. I know, that's a pretty small inverter to begin with but it cost quite a bit more than other comparable brands I've seen.
Does anyone have a recommendation as to what I should look at?
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