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Struggled with this one, so wanted to share.

During re-fire it would error out randomly with the dreaded 015E (computer board error) and lockout. After two service calls, then giving up on that company. I replaced the transformer, checked ground, and replaced the computer board (all cheaper than another service call), the problem continued. I resorted to using a timer to restart it periodically.

When it deteriorated further, I called Navien, had a great conversation with the L2 tech folks, who confirmed my direction so far, but were required to work with a licensed and insured contractor.

With my new found friends at Navien L2, I was willing to call a contractor and connect them. Spent the afternoon with them and we found it!

The contractor had actually worked on our house previously and saw the igniter arcing to the body boiler. The source of the strange computer board errors. We attempted to improve on the boots of the leads, but no success. We replace the leads and transformer, but no help.

We removed the igniter itself to find the rods corroded and shortened to the place where the spark distance was so great and the resistance so high that it would rather jump from the booted lead to the body (path of least resistance). When we bent the remaining length of rod together so the gap was a reasonable 1/4 inch, the boiler has been running fine.

New igniter with fresh rods is on order.
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