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Nat. Gas Heater Addition

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First post, thanks all for any help available. I'm weighing my options on installing a NG heating unit.

I’m in CT, my meter is a 250 at ¼ psi. I think 7in wc. Please see spec sheet attached.

Questions are:
- What diameter will the new proposed line need to be?
- For this addition, will all the 1” need to be changed to 1-1/4”?
- I believe my 250 meter should handle this no problem, just confirming.

I realize I could work on this with the charts, but instead of reinventing the wheel, I'd feel better listening to professionals who do this work everyday.

Again, thanks for your time.


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We are relatively new with natural gas up here in Maine but from what I understand ALL gas work needs to be done by licensed contractors. I was asked to lok over a house listed for sale for someone from out of state and immediately noticed the gas installation was not as it should be. I checked with the permit department and they confirmed no permit and no inspection AND she was very upset. My meeting with the real estate agent the next morning conformed the house had been removed from the market. It had been flipped with no permits at all.

Verify what work you are allowed to do.

I do appreciate your concern and take all precautions seriously as improper work can create a deadly situation.

The work will be done by my friend who does contract work for the neighboring school district. I have contacted the town & gas provider already with questions about my current service & setup.

This inquiry is for my own education. I like to know everything about the jobs I'm considering on my property. I want to go into situations with an understanding. When questions arise, I can make informed decisions.

So if you, or anyone here might have some help and advice with my questions above, thank you for your time, I do appreciate it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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