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Nailer/Stapler problem with trim

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I have a combination nailer stapler that I recently bought to do all my trim/moulding/doors. I have never used a combination nailer/stapler before and there is an annoying thing that keeps happening.

When I am nailing the door trim back on, it always puts two sloppy holes in the wood even if there is no staple in it due, I guess, to the compressed air.

I have to do my base and my crown next and I can't cover all those extra holes as well or easily since the crown is looks messy.

Is this a the way nailers/staplers all are or is there a setting I should change on it somehow? Are combination stapler/nailers just inappropriate for this kind of work?
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Post the make and model.
You bought a toy that's not made for installing trim.
Brads will never hold trim tight and not even close to being long enough to install trim.
You need a real 15 or 16 gauge trim gun.
It is just a cheap menards nailer/stapler. I spent money for more expensive Hitachi miter saws and other tools and figured a nailer was simple enough that expensive would not be necessary.

It is a generic 18 gauge nailer, 120 psi max. I am wondering if all nailer/staplers will leave that second hole.

I didn't realize there was such a thing as 'trim' nails. I thought brad nails were the trim nails.
There is no combo stapler, nailer that I've ever heard of that will work.
A brad has almost no head on it and the gauge is to small, there just going to pull out.
About all there good for is to tack something together while glue drys.
Not all Brad mailers leave 2 holes. I have several, and none do. I use a brad nails all the time for trim. 18 gauge is plenty if used properly. I use a couple 2" brads 16" apart, hit the stud on the top nail and the bottom plate with the bottom nail. Holds MDF trim nice and tight. If you're using thicker trim, or have very uneven wall, a larger nail may be necessary.
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combo nailers are abslutely horrible period.. but as for 18 gauge not being good enough for casing.. thats nonsense.. i use 18 gauge all the time for trim installs as long as you use enough nails and actually hit something with them they work perfectly fine. 16 gauge is better for hanging doors, setting window jamb extensions.. closet shelving cleats and installkng baseboard as they have more holding power . 15 gauge as well. i use 15 gauge solely for exterior finish work. the nails have a heavier shank that resist seasonal movement of the material
I took your advices(s) and borrowed a friend's Bostich nailer; that combo thing is junk. I wonder if Menards will let me return it without a receipt since it is their brand...
depends on how long ago, if you have a credit card bill or bank account info they may let you.. not for a return but store credit
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I have a Hitachi 15 Gage angled finish nailer that I like a lot takes up to 8d finish nails. Also a Hitachi 1.5 inch stapler, and a Paslode S350 Framing nailer. I like all of them.

With tools, you simply cant go cheap, all it will do is piss you off in the end.

You need to buy a tool that serves a particular purpose. To do more than one thing something has to give, and its usually the owners patience.
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if you do end up stuck with that gun do what i do with tools i no longer use cuz i hate them.. lend them to family or neighbors so they dont get hte good tools to wreck
I just bought a 15 gauge Porta Cable today from CPO Tools for $106.00 including shipping to replace one of the three I my old employer stole from me.

Know anyone that needs some empty Pasload, or Porta Cable nail gun boxes?
I just bought a 15 gauge Porta Cable today from CPO Tools for $106.00 including shipping to replace one of the three I my old employer stole from me.

Know anyone that needs some empty Pasload, or Porta Cable nail gun boxes?

thats greasy,, as long as they actually stole it and werent someonee whos cheque didnt clear so they did it as a balance.

as for the cases,, you keep your guns in the case?? i toss mine and just stow em all together in a large kunys bag
For me 18 gage nails casing to the jamb and 16 gage x 2 1/2 nails casing to king or jack depending on casing width.

And call me anal...I like the cases. Easy to stow in the van and it keeps everything together.
Those combo nailer/staples are horrible when you want to use the brad nails part of it. Got to remember that the hammer is made to fire staples so when you want to fire a brad nail you are still going to have the wide "indent" as if a staple was actually fired. But you can use 18 gauge to nail up trim without a problem. Like others have said as long as the brad is long enough and you hit a stud, youll be good to go.
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