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Nail and Glue 5" wide Engineered Floor?

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I will be installing Mirage 1/2" thick, 5" wide, Mirage Maple Engineered floor over 3/4" OSB Subfloor.

I've read that for 5" wide it is a good idea to both nail and glue. The flooring is expensive so I don't mind spending a bit more on glue if it will make it more solid and less likely to squeak later.

My questions are (assuming it does make sense to both glue and nail):

how much glue is needed? I've seen examples where a snake pattern bead is applied to the back of the floor before it is set in place and nailed.

Do I need a moisture underlayment? It seems is though that would not be ideal if I am using glue as wouldn't I want the glue to be connecting the OSB and flooring?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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They say do one or the other but not both. I will check with them that doing both does not void the warranty.

Their own instructions say - if you nail the boards may move and creak. So they don't really provide a satisfactory solution.

I am looking for advice on what would be the most ideal and then I will check with them that it does not void the warranty. My assumption is that it would be better than what they have in their guides.
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