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Nail and gap filler for baseboard?

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My wife wanted to make a design on a wall using baseboards, we have got the design, but my question is how do i fill in the nail holes and gaps from the cuts? I tried to cut it as accurate as possible but im new to angle cutting lol, so there some gaps. I was thinking of using just caulking to cover it up? But then i read something about spackle. What is a good brand to use to cover up the nails and gaps? Thank you in advance
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Use painter's putty for the nail holes and caulking for all the joints.
Spackle could be used in place of painter's putty but it often requires 2 coats and/or sanding along with priming. Putty may stay in place better than spackling.
I have used three things:

1. Joint Compound - The nice thing here is if you use the drying type compound you can "sand" with a wet sponge. The downside is it takes quite a few coats. You can use setting compound but then you'll have to takes less coats though.

2. Spackle - Here is a link to what I used:

It works extremely well. Generally fills holes in one coat...sometimes I would do two where just a slight dimple remained and dries quickly. Sands pretty easily and not visible once painted. Whiter color than the joint compound.

3. Caulk - I only use this in corners (inner and outer) and along the wall/baseboard transition. Make sure you leave a very clean radius as if you leave any globs the entire job will look sloppy.
Just my opinion.

Wood filler would be the best to fill wood.
I use Elmers


I put the putty on where it is needed then smooth it out with a damp rag this makes sanding to a bare minimum if any at all.

Caulk should be used where two different materials meet.
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