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Firs time posting on this site, Hope I’m posting in the correct spot. If not I will make an apology in advance, sorry. Ok, onto my question. I recently discovered a blue plastic tank buried in my backyard not sure how big it is, didn’t dig it up completely. Would say it’s about 3 feet wide.... The tank has two PVC pipes running from the top of it. Both pipes run up to the back of the house by the garage.The pipes are also buried. There is one pipe that sticks out of the ground (I think for the tanks ventilation) and the other one has a clear tube hooked to the end of it. The other end of the clear tube is broken lying on the right now i don't think the tank is hooked up to anything,well except for PVC pipes. My theory is that the tank was used for the well pump filtration system when flushing itself out. I think the water flushed into the tank. This is just a guess, could be completely wrong. I have my new water system backwash going on the ground…..After I found out what this tank is used for I would also like to know how to check it to see if it’s in working
Don’t know if this is needed info but the house was built in early 70s and has the septic tank is in the front yard.The house is on well water. The house also has an irrigation system.never used it. Thanks everyone


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