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Today, the boy came in to say that there is what appears to be oil on the outside of the condenser unit for the A/C. Yesterday after I updated some software that is used to monitor our thermostat, the unit started to short cycle before I could shut it down, but caught it after the third cycle. Did not see the oil on it last night, so it appears that it happened this morning.

At least the unit is still under warranty, bad thing is, I am going to have to pay to have a timer put in to stop the short cycling with this new thermostat that I have, because for some reason radio thermostat on their 3m-50 series, does not have it set up to hold the unit in stand by for five min's., to keep it from short cycling.

Could always go back to the Honeywell RTH-6xxx series, but then I could not keep track of kwh and cycles and such.
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