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I was on here last summer looking for advice on putting hardwood on my previously carpeted stairs.

My original plan was to use the leftover flooring from the upstairs project, add a nose and then tile the risers. There were all sorts of issues raised with my ideas and ultimately, I never started the project because I wasn't 100% sure of what was going to work.

We had a professional installer come by and give us an estimate and after explaining what I was going to try and evaluating the situation, his plan was to use solid treads, stained to match the flooring upstairs. Of course, his estimate was way out of our price range but his plan pretty much convinced me that solid treads were going to be the way to go, and I know I could do that myself.

That's just the backstory. My real question is, just about all of the common stair tread on the market is 5/8" thick. The flooring upstairs is 3/4" thick. My plan was to cut a tread (basically the nose) to fit the remaining space of the top step. So how do I get a 5/8" thick piece of stair tread to match the existing 3/4" flooring?

If this was just one room to another, I'd just use a transition. But this is stairs and you don't start a stairway with a bump in the floor.

Is it acceptable to add a 1/8" thick piece underneath? As in, glue down the 1/8" piece then glue down the stair tread. Maybe some nails in the spacer piece for added strength.

The 5/8" thickness is acceptable the rest of the way down the stairs. It's just that first nosing that needs to mate up with the 3/4" flooring.

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Yes, I would just put a 1/8 veneer under that top one. If you have carpet, do you have a nose there now, that is usually removed when hardwood is installed because the new tread has one already.
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