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My peppers are wilted after transplant. Can anyone help?

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I had to transplant my pepper plants yesterday because my cucumber plant was taking them over. I transplanted them yesterday at around 4:00 and I just checked them about an hour ago on my lunch break. All six plants were wilted, but I did water them yesterday right after I moved them.

I just read on that when you transplant peppers, they shouldn't have any blooms and if they do, to pinch them off. They all had small blooms, but I didn't pinch them off. Does anyone have any experience with this? I really don't want to lose them. Thanks!

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Keep them moist without overwatering/drowning them and see if they perk up. I might be tempted to pinch off say 1/2 of the blooms (theory is a lot of plant energy goes to maintaining blooms so in a transplant situation, you need root redevelopment energy) and see what happens.
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