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My Old Brick/Concrete House Renovation

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Hello everyone. I will show you in 3 relatively short videos, how I managed to renovate my old brick / concrete house over a period of time.

Three videos in which I replaced the old wooden windows with double-glass PVC windows, new internal doors, a new armored front door, a new laminate floating floor and so on. I was also able to build a new kitchen and bathroom, but I'll post later.

In this first Video, I show how I started the renovation of my brick / concrete house, demolishing some jams and brick door walls and how to replace old wooden window by installing the double glass PVC window and more.

In this second video, I finished replacing the windows and continue installing the new front armored door and installing the Drywall framing and coatting in (time lapse), completing the rest of the house renovation.

And in this third video I conclude with the installation of floating laminate flooring.

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It sounds like you're making some fantastic updates - double-glass PVC windows, a new kitchen, and a bathroom - all big wins!One thing I wanted to bring up is the importance of checking your gutter during a renovation. Sometimes, people get so focused on the inside and forget about the outside, but clogged or old gutters can cause all sorts of headaches down the line. Cleaning them out or replacing them now could save you a lot of trouble in the future. And while you're at it, make sure they're securely fastened and directing water away from the house to avoid any potential water damage.
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