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OK here’s the project, I bought a nice 30 year old, single story brick ranch. I bought if from the original owner, who is still in the area should I need to know anything about the house. The house appears to still have the original, floors (carpet, and vinyl), paint, cabinets, countertops and tile work in the three bathrooms. I want to install real hardwood floors, in all three bedrooms, the hallway that connects the three bedrooms, the dining room, the living room and foyer (front door). Ceramic tile will go in the kitchen, laundry room, and hallway. There is a side door that is the entrance that will get used 99% of the time. This side door opens to a hallway (mud room) with two doors on the left side of the mud hallway, that open to a family room, with a brick fireplace. The mud hallway and family room are on a slab. The mud hallway and the family room carpet, and vinyl flooring are in serviceable condition and will remain for the time being, while I work on the main house. From the mud hallway (that has a deep sink by the way), three steps up gets you into the main house level, and from the main house level, a flight of stars takes you upstairs to a large finished room, and the attic. In the attic there are two water to air heating/air conditioning units, a hot water heater and typical storage area. I have broken the different jobs I plan on completing into categories They are as listed;
1. Main house interior walls, and ceiling- This is the easiest for me, it needs the wallpaper removed, wallpaper glue removed, and then paint the ceilings and walls.
I have been working on the walls/ceilings and they are almost finished
2. Remove carpet and install hardwood floors in the main house.
I have removed some of the carpet, and molding trim.
3. Remove vinyl flooring from kitchen, laundry room and hallway, and install ceramic tile.
Nothing completed
4. All countertops, including the kitchen, and three bathrooms need to be replaced.
Nothing completed
5. All three bathrooms have nice tile floors, partial tile walls and wallpaper. After wallpaper, and glue removal, they will only need new paint and the bathrooms will be finished.
Nothing completed yet

After all of the main house gets new paint, on the walls and ceilings, and hardwood and ceramic floors, I will probably have new carpet put in the family room, and the finished room above the family room. And new vinyl in the mud hallway.
Nothing completed yet
So here are my four projects, and I will list them on each respective area for some help from DIY members.
1. Wall and ceilings, repaint
2. Install hardwood floors where carpet once was
3. Install ceramic tile floors where vinyl once was
4. Replace 31 year old countertops
Thanks in advance for any help…
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