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I am remodeling my home in El Cajon. Much is done but there is a lot more to do. My current projects include:
1. Running new main water line(s) to optimize my maintenance.
2. Building a new shed from two pallet rack sections with a roof, siding and sliding barn doors.
3. Putting in an interlocking paver pool deck.
4. Putting in a foundation span to allow rotating the ceiling joists 90 degrees and enabling the removal of a currently load bearing wall to make a new dining room.
5. Building a new two car garage with attic storage and a shop.
6. Laying an interlocking paver driveway and garage floor.
7. Removing and replacing the front porch.
8. Putting in new plumbing lines, including one for the garage, abandoning other sections and tying it all together just before the street.

I will be asking lots of questions.

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