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My mini home theater room

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I had a loft where I did most of my movie watching, of course when the wife was downstairs watching her reality shows I would constantly hear "turn it down". I finally decided to wall off the loft and make it my own movie room. The room itself is 12 by 15, small for a home theater area, but I tried to make it as best I could and also didn't want to make it permanent in case we ever decide to sell. I also left the carpet since we plan on doing the whole upstairs with something nicer later.

What I was starting with:

Rear speaker stands:

Final rear mockup before I transfer design to plexiglass

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After some sanding and polishing


Now on to the main section:

Staining fun

Building the grills
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Looks messy here, but I did clean it up

Almost done

Lighting test

and thats all I have for now, I need to take some more with a nicer camera someday. I think in my spare time eves&weekends it took me about six months, got it done in time for superbowl though!! If you have any questions or anything just ask.
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Wow, very impressive! I like the dark red and black look you got going on there. Is that plexi-glass or actual glass on the surround sound speakers stands? The surround speakers just seem to be a little too high for someone who would be sitting in the couch there watching a movie, normally they are just a little bit higher than the back of the couch. But looks great! I like how you concealed the front speakers behind the what look to be custom speaker grilles.
Nice work, it looks great! Realistically though, you're watching tv downstairs while your wife watches the reality shows in HER new theater room upstairs :laughing: :yes:. j/k.
Do you do car audio for a living? Very nice setup.
Do you do car audio for a living? Very nice setup.

Awesome Job!:thumbsup:
Do you do car audio for a living? Very nice setup.
Somewhat, mainly manufacture our own product line, not doing installs anymore, but thats where I got my start.

Thanks everyone for the compliments!!
Wow, nice work and really nice shop. I don't think I've ever seen a table saw table that nice before.
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