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My kitchen faucet rusted loose

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My original flat-washer (or flat bar?) brackets rusted off my delta washerless kitchen faucet. I'd like to get a couple of these bell shaped brackets instead:

I see it is labeled "bracket". What kind of bracket, and where can I get them? The "bells" would be big enough to go over the top of the old, rusted nut and I could spin new nuts on to tighten the faucet back into the sink.

The original brackets have simply crumbled away. Am I correct in not wanting to disturb the original nuts? I'd hate to damage the mount rods by trying to loosen rusted on nuts if I don't have to.
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If you're going down the "replace parts" road you're best off to call the factory rep.
Me- I'd get a new faucet or fabricate the parts you need
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