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Hello everyone so the past few months I have stripped and rebuilt the deck on the back of our house . It is two sections 16x19 joined by a 5x20 walkway between them . Every deck board replaced with new 5/4 pressure treated and screwed down . Used joist tape on every joist . All new perimeter posts I still have to add the handrail cap boards .

The old deck had the traditional wooden ballusters but we wanted something different and decided on the hog fence panels . I left them in their original galvanized finish and the view/feel is great it's like they are barely there . I finished installing them today and thought I'd share a few pics . After all the wood gets stained the posts will get a solar cap light or just a cap on every other post .

This has been a LOT of work and I did it all myself , not bad for 62 years young :biggrin2: The old boards were a mish mash of assorted lengths with a ton of end seams . I did a quasi picture frame so every board is a 16 footer . I am real happy with the results and more important than that is the wife is happy :wink2:


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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