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My grout thinset?

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When mixing my grout, should the conistency by the same as my thinset?
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:laughing:......good answer.

I think I mixed it ok.
The first time, I mixed it a little too thin. The second time I mixed it a little too thick and the third time I mixed it just right.........I think.

I watched a video on the web that showed the consistency and I think I got it right.

I assume the grout should not be runny? It should hold it's shape?
way to go just like Goldilocks
After I wrote that, it was exactly what I was thinking......:laughing:
After I put in my grout, is it necessary to spritz it with water for a few days after?

I have read that this should be done.

Ok, Bud, I'm not doing it.

You are the professional, and I do whatever you say........:)
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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