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my first post. need help with central ac wiring

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Hi everyone. I'm getting ready to have a new central acsystem installed and I decided to save some money and pull the wiring to my panel myself. I need two 220v 30amp lines pulled. One to the outside carrier condenser and another pulled to the attic for the air handler. I also need a 115v 20amp line pulled to a seperate split mini system down the length of the hide. I plan going from the panel in my basement through the wall to the outside where the AC unit is as well as up the side of the house to the attic. The 115v line will also come out of the house in the same area and travelling Dow the length of the house 50 feet in conduit. My question is can I put all 3 wire pulls together in conduit through the wall and then pull each line seperately to their location or do I have to have 3 holes in the house to keep the wires separated? If I can have them together what parts do need? LB fitting? Junction box? What size PVC conduit? Help would be very much appreciated
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If you use conduit for the complete run, you can not use Romex. You can run romex to the junction point, then from there on the other end in the attic, I would use armored cable from the junction to the shutoff switch. Check with your local AHJ and find out what they require.
It all depends on your local jurisdiction. If going to the Attic, I would use Conduit, then Armored cable to keep critters from chewing on the wiring. Check with City hall what needs to be in order such as Permits before this work is started.
How much is the permit from city hall? Find out if that is in the mix. Most of the cost is labor. It cost me $190 to replace a main valve shut off for my house, which was $15 for call, and the rest labor. Part I had bought out of my pocket. That tells you why stuff is expensive. $2400 is way too much, $800 is way too small. Always get min. three bids, maybe six at the most, throw out lowest & highest bids, look at the middle. Also look in the detail estimate, what are they doing (pulling permits, cleaning up, fixing damage on structure, etc.).

I am able to pull my own electric as a homeowner where I live, and do not need a permit because of that. Worst case is that you do this stuff with planning, that even means if you have to draw it out on paper, or walk through the process, so you see it in your mind before attaching the project, do so. Unless there has been a unit in the attic, let the installer pull it, but find out first where they want the drops located, so all they have to do is the finish work if you still want to help out.
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