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my first post. need help with central ac wiring

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Hi everyone. I'm getting ready to have a new central acsystem installed and I decided to save some money and pull the wiring to my panel myself. I need two 220v 30amp lines pulled. One to the outside carrier condenser and another pulled to the attic for the air handler. I also need a 115v 20amp line pulled to a seperate split mini system down the length of the hide. I plan going from the panel in my basement through the wall to the outside where the AC unit is as well as up the side of the house to the attic. The 115v line will also come out of the house in the same area and travelling Dow the length of the house 50 feet in conduit. My question is can I put all 3 wire pulls together in conduit through the wall and then pull each line seperately to their location or do I have to have 3 holes in the house to keep the wires separated? If I can have them together what parts do need? LB fitting? Junction box? What size PVC conduit? Help would be very much appreciated
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Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure I understand. Can you lay it for me like this." 10/3 from panel to outside box" from outside box to the attic through conduit to a box. From attic box to unit with Romex..... does that make sense. Also can you answer my question about how many 220 pulls can be in a single conduit. Thanks again
I have 3 quotes so far all from licenced electrician. Some are large companies and some local small businesses. They range from $800 up to $2400 to run 1 line 10 feet another line 30 feet and a 3rd line 50 feet.
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