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Hello to all,

I have laid 12" ceramic floor tiles and grouted them 12 yrs ago, and still good to date. Also put some upright 12x12's in top of shower to match the bathroom floor...they are still ok as well. these were all done at a second home in the country. Now I am attempting something at primary home that wife will see all the time. :whistling2:

We have an outdoor summer kitchen w the dimensions of 18'L X 3'H. It is made w metal studs & 1/2 backer board, screwed into studs. The back and sides are stucco'ed. There are a total of 7 cutouts for stainless steel cabinets, drawers, trashcan, gas grill and a sm refrig. So, there will be a lot of cuts. I am going to use a 6" X 6" tumbled travertine [called Noce] to match what the tile guys installed on the pool wall.

The top of the kitchen will be a bullnose granite and the floor is a pecan travertime paver in the Versaille Pattern. Since floor pavers are installed at an angle to the summer kitchen, I was going to install the 6x6's as sq's vs a diamond pattern.

The guys that did the pool used dremel-like saws w 6" blades. I was thinking of renting a wet saw. I have all the other tools/trowels, etc.

Regarding the cutouts, except for where the refrigerator will go, everything else will have a 3/4" stainless-steel lip that will go over so there is a lot of room there. The refrig is a full cutout from top to bottom, so no stone. Of course the granite will be on the top.

Finally, I was going to use the typical plastic spacers and use my level for making sure I keep the sq's even.

Pls let me know what you think and if you have any insight as to what things I need to know prior to taking the leap?

Merry Christmas to all and thank you inadvance.

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