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My Cub Cadet LTX1045 wont start

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Thought it was just a dead battery. Replaced and installed a new one. The engine now cranks (where i had no power before) but it still wont turn over. I went ahead and removed old fuel from the tank. Cleaned out the tank and put in new fuel. Still cranks but still not turning over. The tractor is only about a year and a half old. Ive reached my scope of knowledge in trouble shooting it and hope it is still an easy fix. Any theories are appreciated. P.s. I am a person. The dog Lola in the pic is clearly an attention whore....

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Cub Cadets have 3 or 4 year warranties. After you check the basics like oil level and fouled spark plugs, call your dealer. If you bought it at the big box store, you can go online anf find your local authorized repair place.
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