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My busbar insulator? is melted how dangerous is this

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The lights and plugs had tripped upstairs, last night. When I went to check out the panel I heard sizzling. I removed the cover panel. The busbar on the right (125 amp Panel) at the very top has melted the plastic holder. It scared me so I turned the main off. I called my electric company this morning, SMUD. Told them that I wanted to have the power disconnected and wanted to know the procedure. I wanted to upgrade from 125 amp panel to a 200. They told me it would take 3 to 5 days to have that done and I had to talk to their designer what the....So I am without power and I am cold and so is my kid! No power is no fun. SMUD said to get the bus bar repaired until I could talk with the designer. I went and pulled a permit today anyway. My question is, since SMUD isn't too worried am I just over reacting? Can I REALLY continue to use power?


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Being a Zinsco panel, at least 40 years old, coupled with what looks like a fire about to happen... it needs to go.
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But, if this is a true emergency, they have this:

However, chances are it was caused by a defective breaker stab... so what ever breaker did it can not be re-used during the emergency wait.

If that 60 burned the buss, and it runs your electric heat, this in addition to the buss bar:
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