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My busbar insulator? is melted how dangerous is this

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The lights and plugs had tripped upstairs, last night. When I went to check out the panel I heard sizzling. I removed the cover panel. The busbar on the right (125 amp Panel) at the very top has melted the plastic holder. It scared me so I turned the main off. I called my electric company this morning, SMUD. Told them that I wanted to have the power disconnected and wanted to know the procedure. I wanted to upgrade from 125 amp panel to a 200. They told me it would take 3 to 5 days to have that done and I had to talk to their designer what the....So I am without power and I am cold and so is my kid! No power is no fun. SMUD said to get the bus bar repaired until I could talk with the designer. I went and pulled a permit today anyway. My question is, since SMUD isn't too worried am I just over reacting? Can I REALLY continue to use power?


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Flip off the two breakers closest to the melted area.

Turn the power back on (except do not turn the previously mentioned breakers on).

See if other circuits are working correctly and you do not hear sizzling.

Optional: Take a wax crayon and press it on the melted area. If the crayon melts then you have further problems and you need to turn off the main breaker again.

You can unsnap a breaker (notably the two closest to the burned area) to check the bus bar underneath. If you find the bus fins under the breaker burned or discolored or deformed then do not put the breaker back. Instead, unscrew the breaker from its wires, label the wires, and tape the wire ends securely.
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