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My bicycle/snowblower shed

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I store my bicycle in here in the spring-fall, and my snowblower in the winter.


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I made something similar on the side of my shed. It's for the smaller push mower.

It looks very nice. I like that you stained and painted it to match your deck. Thanks for showing us!
...and look how nicely I scattered the leaves around.. really looks natural, doesn't it? :laughing:

Thanks for the nice words.
Looks GREAT! Love the Canadian Maritimes, but have never made it to PEI. Maybe this year.....
You would love PEI, especially in the spring-fall seasons (winter is dull, sometimes cold). You'll find many friendly people, we seem to have about ten times the restaurants for a place our size, and if you like seafood, you'll love our lobster, sorry, Maine ;-) and our mussels and oysters are definitely the best in the world! And not that far from Maryland...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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