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Murray Panel LC230EC

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I have a Murray Panel LC230EC and was wondering if I am able to use the duplex circuits in there and in what slots if so?

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See this link:

This panel has been re-designated as LC3040B. It is a 150 amp, 30 space , 40 circuit panel. That means that it has 20 slots that take full size breakers only and 10 slots that takes half size breakers.∂=1774&ds=dept&process=search&ID=,Breakers..Panels...Gear,Loadcenters.,Murray...Siemens.Panels,Main.Breaker.Loadcenters

thanks! You wouldn't happen to know if there are slots that are dedicated for the splits would you? Can't find a spec sheet for this one...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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