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Two big questions:

1: my old service interrupt [box right after meter] has 2 100 amp fuses [yes, fuses]. Does this make it a 200 amp box or 100 amp?

2: If I want to have two separate breaker panels in the house [single structure] what would a wire diagram look like from after the meter to each "main" breaker? Or do I have to run one breaker as a sub panel?

The reason for the two panels is due to the design of the house. The Great Room divides the entire house in two with two bedrooms [one used as office] and a bath on one side [same side as SEP] and the other side of the house has a bedroom, bath, kitchen, laundry, garage, etc. So I want to run one "big" wire to that part of the house since the roof rafters are all that is there to go through. So I was thinking of splitting the service to two panels. Thoughts!

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You have a 100A service, you don't add up the fuses.

I would go from that disconnect to a panel(it can be either a main breaker or main lug panel). From this panel go to your subpanel.

Remember the only place your ground and neutral are connected together is in your disconnect. In your first panel the neutral will have to be isolated from the ground.
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