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Multiple lights and switches on one circuit

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Good morning everyone!

Can you have a new AFCI lighting circuit with multiple fixtures and switches on the that one circuit. In other words, from the panel have for example in adjacent rooms three lights controlled by one switch (2-way), then another light controlled by two switches (3-way), then five lights controlled by one switch (2-way), etc. Basically a series of lights (2-way and 3-way) controlled by different switches all on one circuit?
How would you do that?

Trying to keep my basement lighting on it's own circuit while coming reasonble close to comfortably maxing the wattage.

Thanks for any advice
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Take the power from the panel into the first switch. From that switch, run a cable to the fixture, and run a cable to the next switch you need power in. Continue this pattern untill you have power to all switches and fixtures.
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