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Your amperage requirements look a little low for those appliances.
Where are you getting those numbers?
As for wiring runs....if you only need 3 circuits just run 3 circuits.
A sub-panel is great if you are putting on an addition or wiring an outbuilding.
But within your home it looks like you have specific needs.
Why add a large sub panel for 3 circuits (6 brewers)?

But your main panel only being 100 amps is the issue I would like to address.
With electric appliances you should have a 200 amp service.

I would forget the sub-panel idea and upgrade your service to 200 amp.
That would give you more than enough room and capacity to add your appliances and have room for any future plans.
Did you mention how large this home is?
Unless it's a small cabin, a 100 amp service just doesn't cut it anymore.
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