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i understand that, in my jurisdiction, if a circuit travels more than 2 floors, the cable must be armored.

however, i wonder if circuit branches (single pieces of cable) that do not change vertically much and are not used for traveling the current but are used for switches or lights, if they can be regular Romex cable?

so, e.g. consider if the armored cable comes in from the basement and connects to one power outlet and then another piece of armored cable goes further up on the 2nd floor. can i branch out of that 1st outlet on the 1st floor to another outlet on the same floor, using regular Romex ? i understand definitely that going further vertical requires BX but can i have branches that do not change vertically with Romex only ? i hope my question is clear.

basically, i want to minimize working with BX, which i'm sure you all can understand...


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I think you need to ask someone familiar with "your jurisdiction" since none of us knows where you are. :whistling2: :icon_rolleyes:
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