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Multi-family load calc

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I am doing a load calc for a 20-unit apartment complex, and have the following questions.

If the units have gas heaters and not electric heaters, does that mean I can't use the Optional Method?

The House circuit includes the manager's office/studio, as well as central laundry room, water heater, outside lighting. Is it OK to treat the manager's studio, which has a kitchen, as part of the House Load?
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I would hope you are referring to a house panel rather than a house circuit.
Usually a project of that size would require state approved architectural drawings which should include electrical specifications.
I don't remember anything about the optional method requiring electric heat. It does require 100 amps though so the feeders may need the standard anyway.
This is a weird DIY question.
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Optional Method

According to Mike Holt of NEC, the Optional Method requires 3 things:
1. There must be no more than one feeder per dwelling unit.
2. Each dwelling unit is equipped with electric cooking equipment. The NEC does have an exception if the dwelling doesn't meet this condition.
3. Each dwelling unit has electric space heating, air conditioning, or both.

I guess I'll just use the Standard Method.
House Panel

Yes, brric, I meant the House Panel.
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