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Mulehide roofing material vs. other materials?

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I need to have my roof repaired ASAP. Currently, my roof has asphalt shingles that were not properly installed. I've had a leaky roof every time it rained.

The contractor is saying that he would use a Mulehide roofing material, which is suppose to be self-adhering, no nails or anything. Does anyone have any feedback on this type of product?

Also, if you don't recommend the product and it's durability, then what do you recommend instead?

I live in Arizona, so I need a product that can withstand 110+ degrees Fahrenheit weather and high winds during monsoon season.

Thanks in advance!

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Havent used this material but I did do a bit of comparative research of this company's policy vs other competitors such as the one I had a bad experience with. Guess I cant mention that other company's name or else they'll yank my post out again. This company seems to take more of an interest in how the jobs turn out. They want to know about unexpected surprises and have a more proactive resolution process.
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