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Mulehide roofing material vs. other materials?

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I need to have my roof repaired ASAP. Currently, my roof has asphalt shingles that were not properly installed. I've had a leaky roof every time it rained.

The contractor is saying that he would use a Mulehide roofing material, which is suppose to be self-adhering, no nails or anything. Does anyone have any feedback on this type of product?

Also, if you don't recommend the product and it's durability, then what do you recommend instead?

I live in Arizona, so I need a product that can withstand 110+ degrees Fahrenheit weather and high winds during monsoon season.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your response!

It seems like you like the Mulehide product because of the ease in labor and it's inexpensive.

Would it be the best product for a roof that has a mix of a low and medium pitched roof and in the weather conditions I described (extra hot and windy)?

The majority of the leaky area has a 3/12 roof pitch and the rest of the roof has a 7/12 roof pitch.

When I think that it is only an adhesive that is holding the material to the roof, I just think that the heat will melt that adhesive away after 1 or 2 years of our AZ sun.

Thanks again,
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