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Mudding problems

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Poking for feedback on the GNC Synko Drywall compound that is the latest and greatest. We have a problem with some seems cracking what have we done
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i know nothing about that kind of drywall compound. what did prefill your joints? did you use mesh or paper tape? or tape at all? what areas are cracking? how thick did you apply the mud?
We used a mesh tape and have on many projects and reno's. Some of our seems developed hairline cracks after we primed. We have spoke to the company and of coarse have no response or advise other than "read the bucket"
Have never used or heard of that mud. Now are the seams your talking about in the corners or are they your flats. If it's your flats then was your fill and first coat hot mud? If it was then it sounds like maybe you put it on to thick. If the problem is the angles then the mesh is the problem, it doesn't have a crease like paper so it is almost impossible to get good corners. also it is very easy to cut with your knife when you are mudding. Therefore losing it's strength. Maybe you just use a light weight mud for every coat. There are many things could cause this a few more details would help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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