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Moving shower plumbing

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I am in the process of remodeling our bathroom. I want to move the existing plumbing of the showerhead and water valves, but not the drain (staying where it is). What would I have to do to get that done?

The new wall is perpendicular to the current wall, and the new location would be close to the old one. The new wall is also an exterior wall, if that changes anything.
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More info needed---where are you--if it freezes in your area --very bad plan.

Are you on a slab or frame construction?

Pictures are nice but not essential.----Mike-----
In northern VA. Not sure if freezing would be a problem. And it's on the second floor (frame construction).
If freezing weather never reaches your house --then using an outside wall is O.K.

I'd probably route the new pipes under the floor to reach the new location---tuck the insulation behind the pipes so the pipes are warmed by the inside wall covering.

Up here we get to many cold spells to ever think about installing any pipe into an outside wall.

Yikes --scary to even think about.---Have fun---Mike---
No freezing in Northern Virginia? You must've just moved there. I'm not far from you in WV, and we routinely have temperatures near or below zero in the winter.
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