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Moving over venting stack?

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I am having a roof replaced on Friday and while the roof is torn apart, I'd like to move my plumbing vent stack. I was going to call a plumber to come do it while the roofer is here but after taking a look up in the attic, it seems like a fairly simple DIY task, but correct me if I'm wrong. Is it okay to add a bend to the stack to make it come out a couple feet to the right, or does it have to stay straight? Currently it comes out of the roof directly under the overhang of another section of roof, venting right beneath the soffit vents, which I'm sure is not up to code nor is it a good idea, so that is the reason for moving it over. I've attached a picture of my view inside the attic, it is the black pipe towards the back left side. Thanks.


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Offsetting the vent is fine. Add support hangers to the horizontal section so it won't sag
Avoid 90s if possible , 45s 22s if posible
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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