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Ok, I am wondering what the feasibility of this is. I would like to move my furnace 90 degrees, and then move it back about 3-4 feet. This will do three things for me.

1) it will open up a walkway and make my storage room a little bigger/less spread out as it currently is divided into two spaces
2) It will clean up the gas lines, and make them more direct.
3) It will remove 45-90 degrees of bends from the Flue vent of the furnace, which should help it vent better and run better.

The thing I am not sure about, is if I can do it easily, and if it is acceptable. I know for specifics I will need to consult the local codes, but right now I am just in the idea phase, so I figured I would ask some of the HVAC people here for advice and things to ask about when I get to the point of tackling this.

Here is a (very) rough layout of the space right now:

The second diagram is labelled, but I forgot to label this one. The Brown line is a steel studded, plywood coated room that is the second part of the storage space, and serves no purpose as far as I can tell (I believe the PO had a fridge in here) I did not put the locations of all of the branches off each section, as those should not be affected by this.

Here is an layout of what I would like to achieve:

Note that the small room would be removed, and the furnace and Hot Water heater (HWH) would be moved back into this space. The Gas lines would be more direct and the Furnace would lose the first 90 degree bend. It would however create a 90 Degree in the Hot and cold air sides of the main vent, which I an not sure what the proper take on that is. will this affect the heating of the house? Should it be radius-ed rather than a square corner? There is one cold air to the left of the furnace, but that is all that is of importance over there. The remainder of the house is to the left.

Thoughts? Thank you for your time in advance. I will have actual pictures in the next day or two.
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