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moving attic furnace

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I am remodeling the attic and will have to move the existing furnace and the vent and ducts. I am trying to figure the budget cost of doing this before I do. Does anyone know what this would cost an ballpark figure would be great, as I have no idea. it would be relocated sideways approximately 8 feet.
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DIY figure $250- 500 for material depending if it's gas or electric heat and if you reuse insulation. If you're going to hire it out then call for some bids. FYI we won't do jobs like that in the heat of the summer so schedule soon or plan on waiting untill fall.
No idea what the labor rates are where you live so won't even guess on a price. Call around and get some bids and you'll know exactly how much it's going to be.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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