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Moving A Range Hood Outlet

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I have a microwave to install over the stove. The outlet is on the wall, on the left hand side. The cord on the unit exits the top, on the right.

I can't properly install the unit with the outlet in it's existing location. Can I move up up a few inches into the cabinet? Is there an easier solution? Can I just hardwire it?

Any and all suggestions aside from calling a pro are welcome. I am not calling a pro to move a box.
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Anything can be done, just depends on how hard it's going to be.
If the wires came from above it should be simple, if they came from below you could just use the old box as a juntion box and add a blank cover or run a new wire from where ever it came from.
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Can you put a recessed outlet in the box, replace the existing plug on the cord with a smaller one and keep the box in the existing location? I had the same situation and did a work around because we plan on remodeling the kitchen next year, though most people probably wouldn't like to see what I did.

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FIrst of all, I am sorry for duplicate threads.

Second of all - yes indeed - that recessed outlet will definitely solve the problem with the least amount of work.
I saw the second thread after I replied to this one, so I just let that one have the activity.

The concern with a recessed receptacle is having enough clearance for the cord and making sure there is no issue with it wearing against something and causing a short.
The mounting bracket does not have space to allow the cord behind the unit.
Those appliances require the outlet to be located in the cabinet above. You have to be able to access the plug without having to remove it.

If the wire comes down from above, you could cut in an outlet in the back of the cabinet, and pull the wire up from below. The appliance would hide the hole from where the wire used to emerge.
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