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Move Service Entrance

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I am building a new detached garage. The overhead power lines are only about 12 ft. off the ground where the new garage will be sited (see corners in pic). I want to move the service entrance and mast from the back of the house (see 2nd pic) to the pole side of the new garage. I would like to go underground from my main disconnect to the new service entrance on the garage.

Can I build the garage with the lines in the way? If I get a temporary pole and go underground to the house how do I connect when the new service entrance is ready? Do you see my dilemma?


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Can you do all the underground conduit and foundation work (remember the UFER ground), bring the pipe into the existing box, bring it up where the new box will go... and then build the wall that the new meter and main will be mounted on?

Then pull the wires through the conduit from the new meter-main to the old main, attach em to the thru-lugs, bring em into the old (still energized) box and just coil 'em up.

Then the power company comes out, moves your drop and meter, now the meter main is energized, main breaker off. Pull the supply lines off the old main breaker, connect that feeder you had coiled up to your old main breaker, double-check, and go snap the breaker in the new panel. Should light right up. Could have the whole thing done 2 hours after the PoCo leaves.

Then, build the rest of your garage.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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