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Move Service Entrance

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I am building a new detached garage. The overhead power lines are only about 12 ft. off the ground where the new garage will be sited (see corners in pic). I want to move the service entrance and mast from the back of the house (see 2nd pic) to the pole side of the new garage. I would like to go underground from my main disconnect to the new service entrance on the garage.

Can I build the garage with the lines in the way? If I get a temporary pole and go underground to the house how do I connect when the new service entrance is ready? Do you see my dilemma?


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I do almost everything my self but one exception is an entrance service. I have an electrician do it start to finish. In NY to avoid being without power it requires a permit and then coordinating with the inspector and power company. My son’s electrician knows them and makes a few calls for a seamless process. If I did it I would be without power while I made 3 trips for parts, then the inspector would be too busy and he would show up late, then it would be after hours for the utility and my wife would be pissed off from living in the dark.
Our power companies will not show up unless they have a favorable inspection report in hand.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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