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Move Service Entrance

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I am building a new detached garage. The overhead power lines are only about 12 ft. off the ground where the new garage will be sited (see corners in pic). I want to move the service entrance and mast from the back of the house (see 2nd pic) to the pole side of the new garage. I would like to go underground from my main disconnect to the new service entrance on the garage.

Can I build the garage with the lines in the way? If I get a temporary pole and go underground to the house how do I connect when the new service entrance is ready? Do you see my dilemma?


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Yes Oso I have talked with the city about setback and with the poco about the location. They told me then that I could not have the power line that close over the roof of the garage.

We did not discuss the issue I detailed in the first post. I thought it might be useful to ask on this forum before I call them out again. They may not be much help so it would be good to know my options before they come.
Thanks everyone. I am a DIY guy and discussion is most always helpful.
Here is what I think Harper is suggesting:
Get permit and tell inspector the following plan:

1. Prepare the ground for slab with overhead lines in place.
2. Run the conduit from the house panel to the new service entrance location with no conductors in conduit.
3. Concrete contractor pours the slab with conduit protruding from ground on edge of new slab.
4. Build the walls with studs, sheathing, and siding with energized power lines above.
5. Attach new disconnect, sub panel, and mast to conduit.
6. Poco comes out and disconnects overhead lines.
7. Pull conductors from house to new service entrance.
8. Call for inspection. Poco comes out and connects new mast.
9. Finish roof and garage with mast in place.

I am not sure the new power lines will be in a much safer position for the guys framing and installing the 8/12 roof. Unless we can frame the roof between step 6 and 8. The power could be out for quite awhile if we do that. Can a roof be built with a live mast on one wall?
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