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Move Service Entrance

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I am building a new detached garage. The overhead power lines are only about 12 ft. off the ground where the new garage will be sited (see corners in pic). I want to move the service entrance and mast from the back of the house (see 2nd pic) to the pole side of the new garage. I would like to go underground from my main disconnect to the new service entrance on the garage.

Can I build the garage with the lines in the way? If I get a temporary pole and go underground to the house how do I connect when the new service entrance is ready? Do you see my dilemma?


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You say you are building it.
Does that mean you have talked with the building dept and know that the new garage location is fine with them ?

In some areas you would not be allowed to build the garage there due to either frontal setback or possibly even a side setback.

Once you know the location is ok, you then talk to the POCO about the project. In most areas, they are the final word on where a new service location can go in.

They can also help with a temporary relocation of your overhead drop to swing it away from the actual construction site.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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