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Move/Removal of Brace

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I just purchased a new home and was looking at making my 1 car garage into a 2 car but not sure the best way to accomplish this. I currently have a 22 x 27' 1 car garage with a support pole at 13-6 and I am wanting to add a second garage door, but to do this I need to move the support pole that is in the center of the garage. I am not sure when the structure was built but the house is 1940's and it was added at some point after. It was built using 2x4 walls with 2x6 rafters and 2x6 ceiling joists on 24" center and then they added truss type 1x6 bracing materials to every other rafter (48" OC). Also as shown in the sketch they installed a 2x6 "L" spliced together running the 27 feet.

Just looking for everyone's thoughts on the best and easiest way to relocate the brace. Not sure if it is even needed since it is a piece of steel pipe w/ checker plate metal piece shoved under it, but it is under the 2x6"L" Splice joint.


Thanks for everyone's help.
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I'm sure there is a good way to get it done but a couple more pictures would help. Get one of the support post and one of the overall outside of the garage please.
I don't have any pictures of the pipe brace with me but will take some tonight when I get home and upload. Here is a pic of the outside of the garage.

Outside Pic of Garage
You'll probably need to add a second support post if you move the first one. are you opposed to that?
No I am not opposed to that, though I would prefer to remove it and put up some kind of beam or reinforce the existing roof and ceiling joists. Don't store anything and there is currently no ceiling just laid in insulation.
Where are you located? does the 2x6 bottom chord span the entire 22' or does it lap in the middle?

A 2x6 shouldn't be used to span 22'. I assume someone put in that L brace in order to correct some sagging rafters. If you dont want to add an additional support then you will have to add a center beam and support it from both ends. I'm not sure what size of beam will span 27' but I'd assume you are into an LVL or glulam. Some type of engineered beam.

If I were in your shoes, I would pay a structural engineer a couple hundred bucks to come out and size the beam for you, give you a set of drawings. He/She will also have to determine if you will need additional footer support.
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