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Move coax cable from floor to wall.

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To begin I am in a bedroom with wood floor then thick carpeting. The walls are drywall. There is also a floor board around the room. I have a coax cable coming up through the floor in the center (not a corner). I will get a wall plate and mount without a box but with inserts. That is how I want giant holes! Under the room is my garage with a dry wall ceiling. In the corner is the main meeting place of coaxials. It goes to the cieling where a 6" by 6" square was cut away. It goes up to the bedroom there. The hole isn't directly below where it comes up though. About one foot off. Up inside is a place I prefer not to stick my hand in too much. It *is full of insulation. I can get a cutter and new tips if needed but what is the best way. Pull old cable out? Will I run into studs between the levels?
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You will be drilling up or down through the bottom plate of the stud wall. You will need to cut out where the cable will come through the wall so you will need to use a stud finder to make sure you are within a stud bay. If you are going to use the existing cable you'll need a hole that will allow the end of the cable to pass through or you can run a new cable and terminate your own cable connectors (you'll need cable tools for this). I would use a device ring like this one...
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Go to Lowe's and get a Flex bit set to do this. You will find later on that the money spent on it, will be well worth it, when it comes to other jobs, that you need to use old work boxes for. I would pull Cat-5e/6 up with the Coax at the same time. Min. two Cat-5e/6 and pull all to a central point, that you can use as a distribution point, if you do not have one already.
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If the coaxial cable is not long enough to reach its new location, it is better to replace it instead of splicing on an extra length. Each splice or joint or connection in a coax cable run causes some signal loss or degradation.
I am going to buy a low voltage box and the plate. I plan on pulling up two coaxial cables so I can run a modem (if I ever switch from DSL) and TV. I will buy new cable, a flex extension, wire fish, and cable tip toolkit. I hope it is easy! I hate to try drilling through the bottom stud wall plate.
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