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According to the manufacturer, my 27" oven/microwave combo weighs in at 278 pounds. That seems heavy to me, but that's what they said.

Anyway, my only support in the cabinets has to rely on the two side walls, which are made up of 3/4" particle board.

My plan is to add a pair of 3" x 1-1/2" angle brackets to the walls, tied in with 1/4X1" lag screws, supporting a double thickness shelf of the same material that the walls are made of.

I've tested it by sitting my 230 pound butt on the shelf, and it's held up just fine.

Any thoughts or experiences in this area by anyone?

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you are 48 lbs short on the test. Plus any cook ware that will be on the range 2-4 pots of boiling water , etc,.We can;t see the cabinets or the bracing or total weight that might be on the range while cooking, storage, etc,
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